St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Move It

MOVE IT     This club has now finished but may resume in 2016

Wednesdays 3pm till 4.30pm 

First session 9th September and final session 14th October 2015


Dear Parents / Carers,


We have recently teamed up with Sefton’s Active Lifestyles team to run a healthy eating and physical activity programme called MOVE IT at our school. This 6-week programme will be held after school hours and is available to all pupils in years 3, 4 and 5 who would like to improve their health.


The fun, free programme will last 6 weeks, with one 60 minute session per week. This will include 30 minutes on healthy eating, followed by 30 minutes of physical activity and sport. The Active Lifestyles team will come into school to deliver the programme to the pupils.


The six sessions will incorporate the main healthy eating and physical activity messages, in the hope of making small sustainable lifestyle changes.

Below is an overview of the sessions:



  • Introduction, goal settings and health lifestyle choices, mini health assessment.


Session 2

  • Physical activity and exercise.


Session 3

  • Food groups, eat well plate, water.



  • Fruit and vegetables and ‘eating a rainbow’.


Session 5

  • Fat, salt and sugar.


Session 6

  • Congratulations, and top tips to keep it up, mini health assessment.


The health checks we undertake include height and waist and are done in a confidential, yet light hearted way, whilst ensuring each child is comfortable before the health check is carried out. The idea is to make the children aware of the importance of having regular health checks from an early age in an enjoyable and fun way.


Any resources will be provided, however your Child will need a PE kit and bottle of water for each session.

To confirm your place please contact Mrs Swift as places are limited.