St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

What the money has been spent on.

This School Year we have raised over £3,300!!

Final figures still to be calculated, details of the accounts will be available to view on our website in due course.


Where have the funds been used??

                       New Goal Posts £170                                            Stationary £22.64

                       Christmas Parties for Classes £160                     Educational Lego £432.10

                       Rugby Taster Day for Classes £100                     Fundraising Pack £26.99

                       Prize for Oliver King Foundation Sponsorship Event £12.99

                       Rabbit Hutch £100                                               Playground Storage box and Paint £212.92

                       Paint and Brushes £102.86                                 Playground Equipment £185

                       Benches £680                                                        Picnic Benches £294

                       Shy Lowen Ponies – Garden Party £100           Cake for Year 6 Leavers £12.99

Total of £2,612.49

PTA purchases May 2016

PTA purchases May 2016 1 Play equipment £150 & container £96
PTA purchases May 2016 2 Rabbit hutch £100
PTA purchases May 2016 3 Benches £85 each. Eight have been bought.