St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Week 14

Hello my lovely year ones,


Another week and some more activities to keep your brains fired up. The weather has been a little wet this week but the sun has popped out to say hello a couple of times. Lets hope Mr Sunshine is around a little bit more this coming week. I always feel so happy in the sunshine but equally as happy jumping in big puddles! I'd love to see some puddle jumping pictures of you all, if you get a chance to this week. Just pop me an email on Purple Mash.


The activities below are maths, English, phonics, spellings and computing (esafety). I hope you enjoy them. On Purple Mash you will see some familar activities and a new chpater book we will read with some activities. See you there! 


I wish you all the happiest of weeks!


Miss Ingham :) 


This week we are going to focus on some year one key maths skills, through songs/ videos and practical tasks:

- Counting in 2s

- doubling/halving

Counting in 2s

- Watch the song video

- count pairs of socks 

- draw out your own 2s numberline

- make groups of 2s using stones/ pasta/ buttons etc. 

- count 2p coins

- colour and count along a 100 square (see below if you have a printer or use the one in the home learning folders)



Doubling and Halving - remember if you know double, you know half!

- Work through the PowerPoint all about doubling. Always using the language to link half and double. If I know double 2 is 4, then I know half of 4 is 2. 

- Watch the song video. 

- Using loose parts (buttons/ pasta/ pebbles etc.) and a mirror to 'double' an amount.

- Fold a piece of paper in half, then open it back up. Paint dots on one side. folder over to print on opposite side. Find the double amount/ talk about the half amount.  


* What do you notice when doubling? (They are the even numbers we say when counting in 2s)


Double printing activity

Double printing activity  1


This week we are looking at the story of 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. Below is the story to listen to. Watch and listen to the video a couple of times before completing the activities below. 

Task 1 - listen to Mrs Armitage on Wheels more than once if needed. Discuss the story and correctly sequence the events. Draw a story-map to remember the story. Draw pictures to represent each stage of the story. Use the story-map to retell the story verbally to each other.


Task 2 - Design your own bike. What unsual things will you add to your bike? Can you add labels or even better, write a sentence about your design? Don't forget to add the correct punctuation.  


Task 3 - Together, predict what will happen next to Mrs Armitage. Select your favourite idea and record it as a correctly punctuated sentence/s in your book. You might want to draw a picture to match your sentence. 



Here are the next phonics letters and sounds lessons on YouTube. Remember you can complete these lessons together in smaller chunks spread across a couple of days. 


A reminder to access Phonics Play website for recall games that can be done often to keep children familiar with the sounds and words they have learnt. 

Username: march20
Password: home

They also have decodable comics for children to read - may be of use for children who find the reading scheme online challenging:


Choose 5 more spellings from your year one spelling list to practise, practise and practise this week. I have added the year 1 and year 2 list below. If you need a challenge pick some of the year 2 words to practise. 


No doubt over the past few months you've heard children (and maybe a few adults) talk about the latest Tik Tok challenges or their favourite celebrity's lockdown live stream. These activity packs for parents and carers to deliver to their children explores how children and young people can stay safe while live streaming. The link below are suitable for 5-7 years. Each pack has 2 activities to complete together.