St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Week 16

WHOOPS! I'm very sorry I didnt upload my letter on Sunday ...



Hello year one, 


We are edging towards your summer holidays but I can't believe how fast that has come upon us. You should be proud of the effort you are putting in at home because I so proud of each and every one of you. 


This week you will find lots of reading and maths actvities on Purple Mash. If you are in school this week you may find the reocurring maths games the most beneficial to keep up your basic skills.


I hope you enjoy the actvities below and please email me on 2email on Purple Mash if you have any questions. 


Keep doing the sun dance to encourage Mr sunshine to come back! I am missing him for sure. 

Keep busy, keep smiling and keep safe!


Miss Ingham :)




This week we are going to focus on counting in 10s and adding/ subtracting 10 using a 100 square. You shoud have one of these in your homelearning folder. I will also link below an interactive 100 square and a printable one. 

Maths songs:

Maths worksheets

Most of the Hamilton maths activities can be used on screen and answers put in home learning books/ paper. Please do not feel you must print out anything. This weeks work is adding and subtracting 10 using a 100 square. The final set introduces adding 3 numbers. Always use concrete resources to assist children e.g. buttons/ pebbles/ pasta pieces/ cubes etc.  


This week's story book is 'Barry the Fish with Fingers' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. I LOVE Sue Hendra books because they always make me giggle. I hope you enjoy the story and the activities. 


Task 1 - Barry the fish with fingers has many skills that he shares in the story. Can you make a list of all the amazing things he can do?


Task 2- Barry and his friends decide to have a party to celebrate the fact that Puffy was safe. Can you design and write an invitation for Barry’s party that he can give to the other sea creatures?


Task 3 - Can you write a guest list containing all of the sea creatures that Barry should invite to his party?


Task 4 - What food could Barry and his friends have at their party? Can you come up with some fish friendly recipes for Barry to make for his guests? 


Here are the next phonics letters and sounds lessons on YouTube. Remember you can complete these lessons together in smaller chunks spread across a couple of days. 


A reminder to access Phonics Play website for recall games that can be done often to keep children familiar with the sounds and words they have learnt. 

Username: march20
Password: home

They also have decodable comics for children to read - may be of use for children who find the reading scheme online challenging:


Choose 5 more spellings from your year one spelling list to practise, practise and practise this week. I have added the year 1 and year 2 list below. If you need a challenge pick some of the year 2 words to practise.