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Mathematics Curriculum

At St Philips we aim to provide our pupils with a mathematics curriculum which will allow them to become confident mathematicians, helping them to see the links between different areas of mathematics and to apply their knowledge and skills in a wide range of contexts.


Below are copies of the target sheets children have displayed in the front of their mathematics books. These child - friendly targets breakdown the year group expectations for mathematics and clearly show the skills and knowledge pupils need to master by the end of the year in order to achieve expected levels of attainment.




31st January 2018


Dress for Digits

This week the staff and children of St Philip’s CE Primary school ‘Dressed for Digits’ as part of NSPCC Number Day. The focus of the day was to raise money for the NSPCC whilst showing children the enjoyment and fun that maths has to offer. All classes made a huge effort and the children looked fantastic in their number covered outfits.

Every class completed a range of fun and exciting number activities through the day designed to raise the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding maths in our school. ‘T-Shirt Maths’ was a popular activity that many classes took part in. It involved children using the numbers displayed on their clothes to solve maths problems and answer a range of maths questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was wonderful to see the buzz and excitement in each class as the children worked together to complete the maths challenges.


A highlight of the day was the Year 5 and Year 6 ‘Children vs Adult’ Big Maths Quiz. This event saw a wonderful set of parents and grandparents come into school to face their children head to head in a Countdown style maths quiz. The enthusiasm of both the children and adults during this event was infectious and the afternoon was a great success. A huge thank you to all the adults who gave up their time to participate in the quiz – it was very much appreciated and meant a lot to the children.

During the day the children attended a whole school assembly that explained the valuable work the NSPCC completes, including the running of the Childline service. The children listened attentively and understood the difference that their Number Day donations would make to so many children across the country.


Thank you to everyone who supported the day and made a donation for this wonderful cause. The day was a huge success and our children had a wonderful number filled day!


Mrs Hartley.

Parents as Partners Mathematics Open Week

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parents as Partners Mathematics Open Day sessions. Feedback from the sessions was very positive with many parents saying that it was useful to see the different calculation strategies children use and the various types of mathematical activities and challenges children tackle in their daily mathematics sessions. Photos from the open day can be seen below and a display has ben produced on the Mathematics display board outside the Year 3 classroom - the children really enjoyed sharing their maths lesson with you!


Another open day is planned for the Summer term but until then below are some useful website links with games and activities that you can complete with your children at home in order to support them with their mathematical learning.

Spring Maths Parents as Partners Open Day

smiley KS2 Mathematics Challenge Board smiley


In the KS2 corridor there is a ‘Problem Solving and Reasoning board’ This board displays the KS2 ‘Maths challenge’ for the week. Children are encouraged to solve the problem and display their solution, including an explanation on how they solved the problem, on the board for others to see.


Children can get a template of the problem from the board or you can download the problem from the file below. Remember to put your name and year group on your solution and display it!