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Club Hub


Club Hub is the UK's largest kids activities directory. Parents and carers can search for kids activities for newborns to 18 years in the whole of the UK for free. 


Website Link


There are thousands of online classes listed with the majority of them offering activities for free or with huge discounts available.



Preparing for Adulthood guide


Good Afternoon


Please see link to the new Preparing for Adulthood guide,  .


For further information about Preparing for adulthood, please visit this local offer page

Just to introduce myself, my name is Rachael, in the editor of mental health supporting educational guides, featured in the Guardian and the Telegraph. We recently collaborated with the Action for Children and The Children's Society and conducted a survey with Primary School parents in the area regarding their children's mental health.  

The results really shocked us, despite many parents understanding that their children are suffering from anxiety or worrying about school - over 80% of these parents said they weren't sure how to help their children, and this was a big contributor in their children refusing to go to school.   

We have just published The Expert Parent's Guide to Childhood Anxiety, the very first of its kind, aimed at supporting these parents and their children whilst allowing them to focus on what matters most - attending school to learn and maintaining good mental health!  

The news out there on child mental heath conditions is worrying, with a recent NHS report indicating that as many 4 children in 30 are suffering with serious emotional disorders. 

Here are a selection of useful websites chosen for parents to support their children in school:

Click on title to view link:




Parents and carers can give their views of our school at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using an online questionnaire called Parent View.


When our school is notified of its next Ofsted inspection, parents will be invited to give their views about the school, using the Parent View online facility, as this has replaced Ofsted’s paper questionnaire. Please make sure we have your most up to date contact details.


Please register with an email address and a password at Once your login has been activated, it only takes a few minutes to complete answers to 12 short questions about aspects such as bullying, the quality of teaching, level of homework, etc.


Your views are important in helping inspectors make a decision about our school, and to help us know what is going well and what could be improved.


If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please come into school and ask at reception.


Oxford OwlC Kid Geni

Free software to teach the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video fun.


Phonics - Family Natters


A useful video to help teach your child letter sounds


E-Safety - CEOP's thinkuknow website


Come in to find the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it. If you look after young people there’s an area for you too – with resources you can use at home or just to get with it. All the information here is brought to you by the team at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre. We hope you like it!


DirectGov - Homework: what parents need to know


Parents centre is for all parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn.


NSPCC Website


The NSPCC's vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK. We campaign to change the law, provide ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline, offer advice for adults, and much more. See what’s new with our work – or make a difference by volunteering or donating.

Here are a selection of useful websites chosen for parents to support their children in school:


Click on title to view link:


BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize is a brilliant website with heaps of fun resources for pupils (and teachers!) and will be really helpful in your learning. Bitesize has been created specificaly for young people but there are a lot of other sites for teachers, your parents or carers as well as for adult learners.


Safety online for 8 to 10 year olds


If you’re between 8 and 10, you probably know a lot about using the internet! We’ve created this area for you to show you what we think is good, look at what’s not and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations. If you know something we don’t, or you want to get involved in helping to make our website better take a minute to fill in one of our polls.


Safety online for 5 to 7 year olds


If you are 5, 6 or 7 we bet you probably like to use the computer for fun. We've made this website to help you go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if you are worried. You can also find out about Lee & Kim's adventures or watch Hector and his friends learning to use computers safely!


Newsround Quiz


Test your knowledge of internet safety with this quiz from CBBC Newsround. There’s also further information if you’re not sure on anything.




The Business Newspaper for Children


The Newspaper


The Newspaper for the classroom




A selection of fun games for children


Global Gang


A selection of games and stories for children


National Geographic


A great website inspiring people to care about the planet


Fun music site for children


Oxford Owl


Oxford Owl is a FREE website built to support you with your child’s learning. To help you along the way, you’ll find age-specific reading and maths tips and activities, FREE eBooks, and lots of fun ideas to really bring your child’s learning to life.


ABC Kid Genius


Free software to teach the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video fun.