St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Week 5

Hello year one, 


I really hope you have had a lovely Easter break! The sunshine has been wonderful. Have you spotted many signs of spring? I have enjoyed looking out for them on my daily walks and pointing out things I know you would all love!


Below are some more activities for you to complete this week, along side week 3 of the maths work in your folders. How are you getting on with your explorers project? I cannot wait to read them when we are back in school. 


Have a great week! 


Missing you all,

Miss Ingham 



A reminder that you can access the reading scheme, for free on the Oxford Owl website:

Rainbow words


One of my favourite spelling actvities. Choose 5 or 6 of our year one spellings from out of your folder. Ask an adult to write them in pencil on some paper. As you create beautiful rainbow words make sure you say the words and letters out loud, everytime!

Rainbow words

Still image for this video

English Activities


This week we are going to read a story. The message in this story is a very important one.




Look at a part of the front cover of this week's book. Write some sentences to say what you can see and what you think the story might be about. Remember, this is called predicting


' I can see...'

' I can see...   and...'

' I think that...   because...'


Remember! Please do not spell any words for your child.  Help them to hear sounds in words by stretching a word/ saying it slowly.  Use the sound mat (included in your pack) to support digraph/ trigraph recognition.  Remind your child to clap polysyllabic words to help spelling e.g. clicking will have two syllables in:       

 click - ing         

Children will then be able to segment ‘click’ then ‘ing’.

Task 1 - front cover:

TASK 2: 

Watch the story on YouTube - you might want to watch it a couple of times.

Write about your favourite part of the story and then you might want to draw a picture of it. 





Can you remember all the kind things George did for the animals? Retell them to an adult - you could draw a story map to sequence the events in the correct order.


Story map examples

Task 4:


Can you write a diary entry for George's day? Remember, in a diary we talk in first person which means you are pretending to be the giant. You can use my ideas below to help you get started or you can think of your own ideas.




Dear diary,


This morning I bought a new outfit and I felt very smart wearing it. Then I went for a walk around the town. Next...' 

Task 5:

Design a crown for George. Decide what materials would be best - maybe you could test some different materials around your house? Then, draw your design and add some labels to it.