St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Week 9

Hello year one, 


Wow I can't believe we are in week 9. I have loved speaking to you all on the phone the past 2 weeks and I am very proud of hard you are all working at home. Keep emailing your lovely work to me via Purple Mash - I am really enjoying seeing what you have been up to. 


To access email - search '2Email' on Purple mash. 


This week you have maths to continue with, new phonics videos and a game, a new English focus and some science. I hope you enjoy them.


Don't forget to email me with your lockdown memories and your guess of what I am growing in my pot (see Purple Mash email). 


Have a great week keeping busy and active!

Miss Ingham :) x 



Parents if you are ready to, move on to Summer Term – Week 3 (w/c 14th May). Or just continue from where you last finished. 


*Do not go any further than week 3. White rose are now charging for the worksheets that match the videos. Please do not pay for any subcriptions, as there are many useful free resources out there. The videos are still available for any of you who found them useful. After half term I will sign post you to new maths resources. 


If you are struggling to do the work because you cannot print off the sheets please do not worry about printing the sheets off, most of the learning can either be done through the attached videos or written onto paper. Also if you have finished all the work or a looking for a sheet free alternative the BBC have created a fantastic learning resource where they upload new Maths, English and Topic lessons everyday with informative videos from a range of celebrities and activities to go alongside the lessons too. Please follow this link: 


and there are other good online lessons on Oak National Academy too please copy and paste: 


This weeks story is a funny rhyming picture book called 'You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus' by Patricia Cleveland-Peck.



Task one

Choose your favourite animal from the story. Draw your animal in the middle of a piece of paper. Next, think of some adjectives (words to describe) and write them around your animal. Try to think of exciting, wow words.


An adult can help by giving you two options - is your animal fierce or cuddly? Gigantic or tiny? Cute or petrifying?   


Task two

Can you think of some of your own animals and what they might travel on? You could draw pictures of them and write a sentence underneath. 


DON'T FORGET to sound out your words slowly and use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


*For an extra challenge - think of a sentence that rhymes

e.g. You can’t take a shark on a ferry. /The other passengers think its way too scary. 


Task 3

Identify things you can’t do in the book e.g. take a tiger on a train. Discuss commands relating to the picture e.g. ‘Don’t bring a tiger on here!’ and the use of the exclamation mark.


Can children come up with their own commands? Design a poster for any of the animals in the book, write your commands creatively on the poster. 


Here are the next phonics letters and sounds lessons on YouTube. Remember you can complete these lessons together in smaller chunks spread across a couple of days. 


Word Machine 

If you finish the videos or want to try something different, you could write down some sounds on to post-it notes or small pieces of paper. Turn the cards face down and take turns to turn either 3 or 4 sounds around at a time. Blend the sounds out loud and create some real words or silly alien words.


e.g. selection of sounds:


ea ie ay er a e i o u s p g m t r w




Think of your favourite animal or an animal you find the most interesting. 


Read through the 'Grouping animals powerpoint' and watch the video.


Then decide which of the 6 animal groups your animal belongs to.


Create a poster to show which group your animal belongs to and add some facts / pictures to show:

- Where your animal lives.

- What your animal eats.

- Special features of your animal (e.g. what your animal looks like as a baby)

- The animal's body parts.