St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Class Teacher: Miss Nelson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sumner

Additional Adults: Mrs Seeney and Ms Grey

Spring Term


Jungle Parc Adventure at Croxteth Park

Year 2 Circus Skills!


This term we look at the health of plants, animals and humans. We learn all about diet, exercise and hygiene for ourselves which eventually links in to how we can look after other living things. In Spring 2 we move onto learning about different materials and experiment with the different properties. 



We have an exciting project this half term, the children are making moving vehicles! They will design and create their own vehicle including making wheels, axles, a body and important decorations. We will then test them out on Miss Nelson's road tracks in the hall. Thank you very much for your donations of cardboard!



This half term we learn about the African landscape, traditions and exports. We explore how very different it is to our own country, both the good and bad aspects. 



This term we look at games in PE, we are working on our fundamental movement skills which include learning how to kick, roll a ball, throw a ball and jump correctly. 



We're going to the Jungle Parc Adventure! The diet and fitness levels of children has been a popular topic in the news and on social media lately, as a link to the outdoors and fun exercise we are going to climb through the trees and learn orienteering skills in the great outdoors! Not an experience to be missed!



We will take a visit to our own church this term to explore the different features of it. Reverend Claire will answer some questions the children have for her which will give us a lovely insight into the world behind the services we all know so well. 

Autumn term

We have had a great start to the year!

Year 1 and 2 Nativity

We had the absolute pleasure of working with the children on this production leading up to Christmas time. They really enjoyed it and we can't wait to do it all again next year! A special shout out to all our actors, actresses and a massive thank you to all the staff that were involved! 

Also a great big thank you for showing your support and coming to watch the children, they really do it all for you :)

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 6

Teddy Bear Sleepover! 

Our teddies had a fabulous time sleeping over in Hugh Baird College. We took our teddies on a guided tour of the college library and read some of our favourite books. We were lucky enough to sit in a plane simulator during our visit! We tried on life jackets and sat in the captain's seat. Here are some photographs below from our trip, which has also been made into a class book for us to keep. 


Always a popular one in the Autumn term, the children learned all about the sinking of the Titanic. They learned the key events that led up to the sinking and thought about the implications for the passengers on board. It prompted some great questioning! As a parent project the children were asked to build their own Titanic (that would NOT sink) and bring it in to school to test. Please still feel free to do this any time, we've had some great models so far!


This autumn term we have been looking at Living Things and Their Habitats. We will be exploring different microhabitats in our school area e.g. the pond outside our classroom and the equipment on the field. We will hopefully discover numerous minibeasts in these microhabitats to get a really good look at them. We understand the key things animals and humans need to survive and have looked at ways that a habitat can provide those things.



We have covered Gymnastics this term and have been experts at balancing on different body parts, using high, medium and low positions and travelling safely around the room and equipment. We are starting our routines and exercises like real gymnasts and we have some very good balancing skills! 



We used 'Our City' as inspiration for some Liverpool skyline sketches which were fantastic! The children used their keen eyes to sketch with a feather touch and really take their time with the shapes and shadows. We have also used street view sketching so our houses look close and then very far away! 



We explored our very own city for our first Geography topic, we looked at famous landmarks within the city and also the geographical features that make our city/country special. We can use geographical vocabulary e.g. hills, beach, pier, mountain, lake and ocean to describe our location and compare it to others. 




PE is on a Friday afternoon and children must all have the appropriate kit. 

Dance is on a Thursday. 

Maths and English homework is given out on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday. 

Spellings are given out on a Friday also for a spelling test the following Friday. 


Useful Links

Here are a few links you could use at home to encourage children to access the curriculum in different ways. 

Phonics practice


Guided Reading questions


Maths games and problem solving activities


How can you help?


  • Make sure your child is on time for school every morning at 8.45am
  • Help your child learn their spellings and support them with their homework if they are stuck
  • Read with your child daily to further develop fluency, spelling and writing skills. 
  • Use homework as a talking point with your child for what they have been learning in school that week.
  • Talk about Maths everyday e.g. How much is that? How many altogether?
  • Encourage children to write anything. e.g. shopping lists, messages, post it notes to label objects in the house. 
  • Remind your child to remove earrings for PE
  • Name absolutely everything your child brings to school! Things have a bad habit of becoming lost...