St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 4

Miss Robinson would like to welcome you to the Year 4 class page. Here you can see all the exciting things we get up to throughout the year.

The class teacher for year 4 is Miss Robinson and the teaching assistant is Mrs Madden.

Here you will find out lots of important information about topics, trips and other activities. As well as photographs and examples of our wonderful work.

Useful Information

Homework is given out weekly on a Friday for both maths and literacy. Activities will follow on from things we have been learning about that week and it is vital that homework is completed on time and to a high standard. The children will also have spellings and times tables to learn each week.

Homework is due in on a Thursday so that we have time to mark the children's work and get their next piece ready.

The children have their spelling test on a Friday and their times table test on a Monday. Part of the year 4 objectives for maths is that the children know all of their times tables to 12 x 12. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables at home. If you encounter any problems with homework completion please see Miss Robinson or Mrs Madden.



We are really excited about reading here at St Philips. We are currently trying to reach the moon! Every time your child reads at home for 10 minutes please sign their reading diary, this means that they can add a kilometre to our reading chart. Every week each class adds up their total reading kilometres and the winning class gets a treat. Year 4 have won twice so far but we would really like to keep winning!

We also have 'Drop everything and Read'. This means that when we hear the class drum we need to stop what we are doing and become completely lost in our books for 10 glorious minutes - even the teachers!

Don't forget to keep sending in your extreme reading pictures - what's the strangest place you can read your book (safely)?

Please encourage your child to read at  home each night and sign their reading diaries. Books can be changed as often as needed, when children have finished the school scheme books they then become 'free readers'. this means they can go upstairs to the school library and choose their own book - very exciting! We know how busy life can be and we really appreciate your support.


Our texts this term include Street Child by Berlie Doherty, this is the story of a young boy named Jim who finds himself stuck in a dreadful Victorian workhouse. The story is wonderful and really allows the children's writing to develop. We will be writing persuasive speeches, settings descriptions, diary writing and character descriptions. As well as taking part in lots of drama activities to really gain an understanding of the characters. Later in Spring term we will explore suspense writing through a book called 'The Mystery of the Melting Snowman' as well as writing linked to our next science topic which is all about electricity.


We will continue to build on their mathematical skills this term with a focus on using and applying. We place a strong emphasis on the learning of times tables as well as the related division facts and we have regular contests to encourage ongoing improvement. Every week, the children will have a mental maths test and a basic skills test revisiting and consolidating previous learning. Below are the key areas we will be covering this term:
• Adding numbers by partitioning, estimating and checking by approximating
• Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers, use appropriate ways of calculating to solve
• Adding/subtracting near multiples of 10 from 2- or 3- digit numbers
• Adding HTU using formal/informal written methods, estimate and check by

Recognise equivalence of decimal and fraction forms of 1/2s and 1.
• Using and applying their mathematical knowledge through problem solving and
investigation work.
You can help by helping your child practise their times tables, helping them recall
number pairs that total 100 – e.g. what do you need to add to 27 to get 100? And by getting your child to work out real life problems at home e.g. let them measure ingredients for a recipe or work out the change at the supermarket.



This half term we have been learning about authority and where this comes from. We will think about Jesus and how he showed his authority over sickness, nature and death. Later in the Spring term we will be exploring the topic of Easter.


This term we will be having our gym sessions on a Monday with the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Academy and we will continue to have our swimming lessons on a Thursday until the end of Spring term.

Please ensure you child has a full PE kit in school on Monday's and that they have a swimming kit with them on Thursdays. We ask that the girls wear a full swimming costume and the boys have trunks and not swimming shorts. Please make sure your child has a swimming cap and we advise that they also wear goggles.


If you wish to discuss any of this information further please don't hesitate to pop in to see us for a chat before or after school. Longer appointments are available on request.  

Thank You for your continued support.

Miss Robinson & Mrs Madden