St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Behaviour & Discipline

St Philip’s CE Primary School


All members of the St. Philip’s Church of England school community strive to create an environment where Christian values flourish, where there is found a sense of unity, purpose and mutual co-operation, and where children may know security and affection and where they can develop self-discipline and a caring attitude towards others.

We at St. Philip’s School, are particularly concerned with good behaviour. We believe that good behaviour needs to be carefully developed. It is too important to be left to chance. We believe that children learn best when they are clear about what is, and what is not, acceptable. It is hoped that this will be achieved with the active co-operation of children, parents, governors, teachers, support, welfare and administrative staff. An effective partnership between home and school is essential and we value the support given to us by our families.

The behaviour of our pupils is always good and is frequently commented on by visitors to our school. 

Our behaviour policy has a clear focus on rewarding good behaviour. Children collect merit points which may be given for a wide variety of things, including: courteous behaviour, good manners, putting effort into their work, helping others, being a good friend, for showing grit and determination or for achieving something which they really had to focus on. When pupils collect enough merit points, they are awarded a certificate at the Well Done Assembly at the nd of each half term. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Blue certificates are awarded. We thank our pupils for showing those attitudes which make our school such a special place to grow and learn in together and where we can truly live out our school mission statement of What God has created, we nurture and celebrate in His love. We also celebrate our weekly ‘Star of the Week’ in each class and we present an award for pupils who are seen to live out our Christian Values throughout the week.