St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School


Monday 18th January - Lesson 18

Today you will plan the opening of your letter, reflecting your hopes and dreams of coming to Great Britain. (Please note that here is an error in the title of this lesson - it still says diary entry, but the lesson content is a letter.)


Tuesday 19th January - Lessons 19 and 20

Today you will continue with your letter. You will follow both lessons, so that you can plan and write the first part of your letter without interruption.


Wednesday 20th January - Lesson 21

Today you will write the second paragraph of the main body of your letter. This will deal with issues of discrimination and prejudice.


Thursday 21st January - Lesson 22

In this lesson, you will be completing the letter.


Friday 22nd January - Lesson 23

In this lesson, you will edit your letter. Remember everything we look for when we edit a letter and when you are happy that you have done everything, write your letter up neatly in the final version, in your book.