St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 3

Our class value is COMPASSION


In year 3 we understand what it is to be compassionate and we try hard to demonstrate this value in our every day lives.


Here in our school:

Let us be peaceful at all times.

Let our rooms be full of happiness

and respect for each other.

Let love be in our hearts

With kindness and COMPASSION for all.

Let us remember

In learning together,

We grow together

And succeed together.



All major religions carry the same, compassion and forgiveness should be part of our daily lives.

Dalai Lama




Class Teacher: Mrs Drane


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Meek



In Year 3 we place a lot more emphasis on the children becoming independent and self-motivated learners, laying a foundation for the rest of the Key Stage. During this year, the children will begin to develop in their maturity and are expected to enter into greater communication about their own learning. There are many differences between KS1 and KS2; we endeavour to bridge this transition smoothly in the first term by introducing the children to new structures for their learning, building on the vital skills and knowledge gained in KS1.

What happens in Year 3?


The Year 3 curriculum offers a rich and stimulating learning experience which children thrive and flourish in. We aim to, where possible, guide the children to make links across the subjects and to real life situations.


Our classroom is co-operative and resourceful. We have lots of things in our classroom that help us learn including working walls for Maths and Literacy, table trays full of resources and literacy folders which we use to expand our vocabulary and punctuation. We try hard to do our best in all aspects of the curriculum and we strive to show pride in our work.


We are going to explore a wide range of interesting topics in Year 3, including The Stone Age and The Romans. For further information please look at our Year 3 curriculum map.


For our homework. we focus on daily reading (of at least fifteen minutes) and spellings and times tables which are given out every Friday, ready for a test the following Friday. 

Your child will be responsible for the daily return of their Reading book and Reading Log as each class has a short reading session at school. It is extremely helpful if you encourage discussion about the plot, characters and what may happen in the story. Your help in this is much appreciated.


PE kits should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and left in school and available for use any day of the week.

Please remember to send your child to school with a healthy packed lunch in a sealed box. School dinners are nutritionally balanced. Children in KS2 may also bring in a piece of fresh fruit for their break time snack (grapes must be halved).

Children are encouraged to bring named water bottle into class containing water only. Children need to ensure these bottles are refilled during break time and lunch time so that this does not impact on their learning time.




We will look at how to be smart and safe when using the internet. To begin the year, we will be reminding ourselves of our prior e-Safety learning, and learning about Blogging.

Useful websites:




We hope that all children in Yr 3 will have the opportunity to develop a responsible and mature attitude towards each other and in their approach to their work. There will be a strong emphasis on each child ‘doing his/her best’ in order to achieve their potential. Our aim is to encourage independence in working yet also promote co-operation in group situations. Good effort and behaviour will be positively reinforced.


Remember that if you have any concerns at any time, members of staff are always available at the start or end of the day for a quick word. Please arrange an appointment if a longer chat is needed.

Y3 Recommended websites

Activities, tests and worksheets for Key Stage 2 maths, English and science. Aimed at pupils, with separate sections for parents.

A fantastic website with many interactive and informative resources

77 Free Online Math Games for Kids. Key Stage 2, Primary/Elementary Ages 8-11 Years.


In year 3 we aim to give our best in order to enjoy and achieve in everything we do!


Finally…this term, like always is a busy one. We do appreciate your continued help and support and if you feel that you could help out in other ways, for example by hearing children read for just one hour a week, please get in touch.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs Drane


Year 3 Spellings and Homework


We began our school year with a whole school literacy study using Voices in the Park, the text that uses story and imagery to tell the story of a shared space through the voices of four different characters. The differing perspectives of each very different character give a fascinating depth to this simple story which explores themes such as alienation and anger as well as friendship and hope. It gently explores the impact we have on others around us and the impact adult emotions have on children.

The children have had a fabulous start to this and on Friday they thoroughly enjoyed ‘hot-seating’ the character of Smudge’s father and as a class explored some very insightful questions and answers. This work will provide a useful bank of ideas to use next week when the children begin writing diary entries in role as one of the four characters.

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