St Philip's Church of England

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School of Sanctuary


What is a School of Sanctuary?

A School of Sanctuary is a school that is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary.  It is a space for those whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a space they can feel safe. 


A School of Sanctuary is a school that helps its pupils, staff and wider community understand what it means to extend a welcome to everyone as equal valued members of the school community.


It is a school that is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all. All of this is part of our Christian vision for our school where "What God has created, we nurture and celebrate in His love", is the driving force of all we do.



Becoming a School of Sanctuary 

St Philip's is extremely proud to have been accredited as a School of Sanctuary in July 2021.  Our staff, pupils and governors are committed to ensuring that our school community learn, understand and take actions around the themes of human rights as well as diversity, inclusion, refuge and migration. 


Who and what is involved?

A whole school approach is essential.

  • Staff are committed to providing an excellent curriculum that supports the School of Sanctuary principles and ethos of sanctuary, inclusion and in the celebration of diversity.
  • Governors are fully supportive of our commitment as a school community to work towards School of Sanctuary status.
  • Children are involved with an awareness of what it is, as participants involved in helping others e.g. as Buddies, at clubs, involvement in charitable works such as Asylum Link and Compassion.
  • We invite parents in to engage in awareness workshops and coffee mornings for our EAL parents.
  • Parents are informed of the work surrounding the School of Sanctuary accreditation via the website.
  • We have been working with The Liverpool EMTAS team throughout our journey and are excited about continuing this work together.


Find out more about Schools of Sanctuary by clicking on the link below:







Our Journey so far...

We launched our journey towards Schools of Sanctuary with a fantastic assembly led by Gill Rowlands from EMTAS and our KS2 children who explained the meaning of sanctuary and the importance of providing a safe space for all those who seek support and acceptance.


Our children gave a stunning and emotive performance of the song Universal child.


I'm gonna try to find a way to keep you safe from harm

I'm gonna be a special place, a shelter from the storm

And I can see you, you're everywhere, your portrait fills the sky

I'm gonna wrap my arms around you, my universal child



  The lyrics are incredibly reflective of the ethos that we are embedding here at St Philip's.  



Universal child.

Our Welcome Buddies completing training with Gill Rowland from EMTAS

Parent workshops and EAL coffee mornings

Diversity and Inclusion- a celebration of achievements

A special visit from the poet Levi Tafari

Asylum Link visit

Shoebox full of love

A massive thank you to all parents, staff and members of our wider community who have supported the appeal . Your donations were extremely generous and so needed this year.  Well done to all of our School of Sanctuary ambassadors who helped to organise and promote the appeal.