St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 2

Hello year 2,


Well, this is the final week of term. I am so proud of all of you and how you have coped with learning from home. I'm sad that our year has had to end like this but I really hope that you have enjoyed the extra time you have been able to spend with your families. 

I hope that you have a wonderful summer holiday and I can't wait to see you all again in September, I bet you have all grown up so much. 

Thank you for being such a lovely class - I know you will be fantastic in the juniors.

Love from

Miss Robinson & Mrs Madden smiley

Good morning year 2,


I hope your are all well. We are entering our final 2 weeks of the summer term - can you believe it?! I'm attaching some activities for this week below - I hope you like them.

Keep safe, well and smiling smiley

Miss Robinson

Hello there Year 2!


Can you believe that we are now on week 15 of home learning?! I certainly can't. I'm missing you all very much and I hope that you are all well and enjoying the time you're having at home. I've added your learning activities for this week below, I hope you enjoy them. 

Fingers crossed the sunshine comes back soon, I don't like all this wind and rain! 

Keep safe, well and smiling smiley


Miss Robinson

Good morning year 2,


I hope that you are all well and that you have been enjoying working through the tasks on the website and Purple Mash. It is lovely to read through your comments and see what you have been getting up to. 

I've added some activities below for this week for you have a go at. 

Stay safe, well and smiling smiley

Miss Robinson

Hello year 2,


I hope you are all well and that you have had a lovely week. Well done to you all for being such superstars! I'm very proud of you all and I can't wait to see your happy, smiling faces! 

It has been so nice to read your comments on Purple Mash and I can see that more and more of you are managing to log on each week and have a go at the activities which is fantastic. I'm adding some maths and writing activities below for you to have a go at this week, I hope you enjoy them. 

Your purple mash passwords came in with your letters but if you have misplaced them please let school know and I can get login details to you.

 Keep safe, well and smiling smiley


Miss Robinson

Hello year 2,


I hope that you have been having lots of fun at home and enjoying getting back into some home learning too. It's been lovely to see what you have been getting up to on Purple Mash and reading some more letters that you have so kindly sent to school smiley

I've added some more learning materials below for this week to keep you all nice and busy. I have also added the next learning activities in the science section (further down this page), as well as some activities linked to the seaside past and present on Purple Mash which is what our summer term topic would have been about.

Keep safe, well and smiling smiley


Miss Robinson 



There are lots of activities below and further down this page. You are by no means expected to complete everything - just take the bits you can. I appreciate lots of you are trying to juggle your own work from home as well as home schooling, looking after younger children as well as a million other things. Please don't worry, I've tried to include enough that you are able to pick and choose. Some children will be able to get on almost independently but many won't and that's ok smiley



Good morning Year 2,


Today marks the first day of our final half term of this academic year and I can't quite believe it! I hope that you have all had a relaxing half term and that you have had lots of fun in the sun. It's been so lovely to receive some of your wonderful letters, they have really made me smile. 

I have uploaded some new home learning resources for you to get started with if you can. There are some maths basic skills and revision activities which include some maths mats similar to the ones in the learning files you were given when schools closed as well as some other activities. I have also uploaded another Talk4Writing activity - Rainbows. There are a range of activities for you to try with a very fitting theme. In addition to this, I have added some Science activities around our topic for this half term which is plants. 

As ever, it's so vitally important that you take care of yourselves and look after your wellbeing. Just for fun, I've added a wellbeing calendar for June - it has an activity each day for you to have a go at if you choose to. 

I hope that you are all safe and well.


Miss Robinson smiley



Hello Year 2,


I hope by now you have all received your logins for Purple Mash and that you have been able to have a go at some of the activities set. It's been so lovely to reply to your messages and see how you've been getting on. There are a number of tasks for you to get busy with and lots of other activities for you to explore. I'll continue to set more over the next few days. 

Next week is half term so there will be no home learning tasks set. The weather looks to be improving so I hope you can take advantage and enjoy the sunshine. 

Stay safe and well everyone,

Miss Robinson

Hello Year 2,


I hope that you are all safe and well and that you have been having lots of fun playing and keeping busy at home. The weather has been beautiful over the weekend, I'm sure lots of you will have been playing in paddling pools in your gardens and enjoying your time outside. 

This week, it would be nice for you to spend some time exploring Purple Mash. Your passwords should have arrived by now. I have set some tasks in the 2do tab at the top of the page but feel free to have a little explore of some other activities too. I'll continue to set more over the next week. White Rose Maths are now charging a subscription to view resources so I have attached some alternatives below. Please do not sign up to any paid subscriptions. There are lots of lovely free resources which can be accessed.  

I have also added a writing unit called 'The Magic Box' to the activities below which I'm sure you will enjoy. Perhaps pick an activity each day or whenever you can to have a go at. There are opportunities for some creative writing and art work to have a go at which I know you will all be amazing at. You are such a creative bunch!

I'm hoping that things continue to improve and it will be safe enough to return to school soon. In the meantime stay safe and well.

Miss Robinson smiley

Hello Year 2,


I hope that you are all well and managing to get out to enjoy the sunshine this week. It was so lovely to speak to so many of you last week and to hear all about what you have been up to. Don't forget to keep an eye out for your letters over the next few days. 

White Rose Maths have now, rather annoyingly, started to charge a subscription to access the materials. Please do not subscribe to anything and I will upload some alternatives below. I've included some guidance for writing a letter within the activities below as well as the glitter bugs experiment. There are also some 2do tasks which have been set on Purple Mash. You will receive log in details along with your letters. Feel free to explore some of the other activities too.This is a system new to us but it will hopefully make keeping in touch during these times a little easier. 

Stay safe everyone! 


Miss Robinson

Dear Parents and Children,


Added below are some activities which will accompany the learning packs that were given out to the children. I will continue to add more on a regular basis. There are also a number of websites which are offering free resources whilst the school closures are in place. 


Twinkl - and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

This site has a large range of powerpoints, games and activities for all subjects.


Classroom Secrets have a range of free interactive resources and home learning packs


Phonics Play are also offering free access to phonics games (please focus on phase 5 and 6)


Joe Wicks is also streaming a live PE lesson each day on YouTube at 9am (this is then saved and can be accessed at any other time of the day). is also a fantastic resource with lots of interactive games


Thank you for your continued support and for helping your child to learn at home. 

Please stay safe and well

Kind regards,

Miss Robinson






June Wellbeing Calendar 
Talk for Writing - Rainbows
Year 2 Maths & English Activities

Maths Basic Skills & Revision


Science Unit - Plants


Week 2 - Plant life-cycles (can you remember MRS GREN?)

Home Learning

Week Beginning Monday 27th April


Hello year 2 smiley!

I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine, here are some activities to keep you busy this week. I hope your Africa projects are coming along nicely. I can't wait to see them when we are back in school. I hope you are all well. Stay safe, I'm thinking of you all and missing you lots.

Miss Robinson


Writing a letter

Supporting children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)


These are unprecedented times where our lives as we know it have been changed and we're all having to work hard at adjusting to our new 'normal'. This can be challenging for everyone but especially for children who find adapting to change tricky. Most children respond well to routine, they enjoy the security of knowing what is coming next and helps them to stay calm during the more difficult moments. Many of the ideas in this booklet can be used or adapted to suit the needs of your child, regardless of whether they have an identified SEN or not. Visual timetables are great, we use these in class, and Now & Next boards are also fabulous. Examples of these can be found in section A of the booklet.




Covid-19 Time Capsule Activity 


You may wish to have a go at completing a Time Capsule during your time at home. Although this is a difficult time, we are living through history. These times will be talked about for many years to come. You may have your own exciting and creative time capsule ideas but attached are some ideas you could use as a starting point. 

Online Safety at Home

A book about Coronavirus

A child friendly book which explains all about Coronavirus. Why not try reading this with your child and each writing some questions for a quiz. It's a great way to show an understanding of what you have read and works on retrieval skills in a fun way.

Could you even then design an informative poster? 

Improving Reading Skills - VIPERS

Oxford Reading E-Books

The link below will take you to the Oxford Owl website - this is the reading scheme we use in school. Click on the stage your child is at and you can access books for free online. Please aim to read with your child for 15 minutes each day.

Writing Activities

The following activities include an image for inspiration, a story starter, questions to answer and 'sick sentences' to have a go at fixing. You could choose one activity to do or have a go at them all. I'll add a variety so you can select the ones you like the best. Remember to use beautiful handwriting and presentation. If you are not yet joining your letters remember to use entry and exit flicks just like we practise during handwriting.

25 Fun Maths Games
Starters for STEM
Glitter Bugs!