St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 6

Our Class Christian Value is Respect


Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself. 

                                                                                   Phillippians Chapter 2, Verse 3

Our Class Ethos Statement 


We celebrate the similarities that unite us and the differences that enrich us.





Class Teacher: Mrs Hibbert
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Darlington

Welcome to Year 6!

In Year 6 you will find that in addition to academic subjects, you can choose to hold positions of responsibility in school, such as School Council Representatives, Worship Warriors and of course, be buddies to the younger children and lots more. You are going to be the role models for the rest of the school and, upstairs in the Year 6 base, you will feel very grown-up indeed!


A great emphasis, both academically and emotionally, is placed on preparing you for high school. There is an expectation that you will take greater responsibility for your learning, organisation and independence, both in school and on the way to and from your home. Many of you will have mobile phones and be starting to walk home alone, perhaps. It is therefore doubly important that you use your phone sensibly and also remember how to be a good digital citizen. In Year 6, we shall explore what that means both on social media and in the wider community. 


Part of the preparation for high school is establishing a good routine for homework. Our homework takes the form of spellings, times tables and reading. These are the three most important things you can possibly practise so make sure you use your homework time wisely!  You are also encouraged to change your reading book on a regular basis and be adventurous. Try something different that you wouldn't usually pick. We have all types of books including ghostly ones, magical ones and classic stories that will always thrill. An important part of reading is recording when and what you have read. We would like you  to record in your Reading Logs each time you read at home and at school. When you complete a book, write a short evaluation – ‘Something you liked about the book’, ‘Something you did not like about the book’ and/or ‘Something that puzzled you’.

There will be a weekly ‘tables’ test – you need to know multiplication tables and related division facts to at least 12 x 12.Please spend some time learning these if you don’t know them ‘off by heart’ yet. It is absolutely vital that you have a strong working knowledge of these as so many areas of Maths depend on them. If you are already confident with your times tables, then you can start to make connections in different ways. You could learn them as division tables instead or change the power of ten so that you practise 0.3 x 7 = 2.1. The possibilities are endless! 



Below you can find links to the spelling lists we shall use this year. 

Autumn Term:

Spring Term:


Here is the spelling list for Year 6. You will also need to know the spelling patterns in these words and how they work in other words too. 




Click on the link below to find some fantastic ideas for books to read in Year 6.


To really improve your speedy recall of numbers facts, there are some great activities on this website.


For fun ideas and every mathematical possibility imaginable, log on here.


The Curriculum


For information about our curriculum, please see the documents below. For further information, please go to the curriculum page for subject overviews.


HAST Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2020

Home and School Together - an overview of curriculum for the Autumn Term. 

Curriculum Overview Year 6 2020-21

History Knowledge Organiser Autumn Term 2020-21


The Trans-Atlantic Triangular Slave Trade

Science Knowledge Organiser  - Autumn 2020 - 21


Animals including Humans - The Circulatory System

Year  6  Gallery 2019 -20

Our first Year 6 Judo Lesson!


What a fantastic session we had - who would have thought that chasing a belt could have been so much fun. We have some fiercely competitive members of Year 6! 

Viking Poo 2018-19