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Why we do what we do in Maths


Mathematics Statement of Intent

To deliver a relevant, engaging and meaningful Maths curriculum, within which fluency, Reasoning and Problem-solving combine, to provide our pupils with opportunities to notice, think, make decisions and communicate precisely. 


This section of the website is currently undergoing review as we develop a new whole school vision for the teaching of Maths. 


At St Philip’s C of  E Primary School, we want only the best for our pupils and so we have embarked upon an intensive and specialist Maths programme to develop mastery in Maths.


As a staff, we are currently working on creating a new Maths curriculum with its own specific growth mindset approach, to give our pupils confidence and fluency. We aim to develop Mathematical thinkers, who, regardless of ability, can approach their Maths with the sturdy foundations in place that will enable them to:

  • Describe

  • Explain

  • Convince

  • Justify

  • Prove


We follow the White Rose Maths Scheme as a starting point for a wider exploration of the curriculum.