St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Daily Writing Tasks Week 7 18th May - 22nd May

Lost Cities of the Maya revealed


So far you should have gathered together a range of information from the programme last week. 


This week the activities are spread over a few days. You should aim to have a finished newspaper article by Friday. This includes any editing that might be required to improve your work. 


First of all,  you will need to go to Purple Mash where you will find a template for a newspaper report. This is where you will write your finished piece up.

These are the steps you will need to follow:

1) Look at the layout of the template and decide where you are going to put everything. 

2) Choose the relevant photos that will support your newspaper articles and decide where they are going to go.  

3) Plan out your writing in rough, on sheets of paper, including the space needed for the pictures.

4) Go to the Purple Mash template and write your paper.  


Remember that print takes up less space than handwriting so make sure you have enough information to fill the space. There should not be any blank areas on your newspaper. Do not fill the empty space with too many pictures. These should be used sparingly, just to reflect the content of the newspaper article.