St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School



Monday 1st February


You are going to watch a new film today as a start to our topic on writing biographies. It features the remarkable story of the first woman to break the sound barrier. 

You are going to plan a first paragraph about her early life, using Resource Page 1a as a model. You will need to create a mind map of other words that you could use.


Here is the document you will need this week - please make sure you are working from the correct page at the right time!



Tuesday 2nd February

Today you are going to read the biography of Jacqueline Auriol and find different features of a biography using the checklist. 

First of all, read the biography.

Then look at the checklist, page 2c. This is from the resources you used yesterday. 

Look back over the biography and see if you can find each of the features in the checklist. Write them in your book, making sure that it is clear which features you have found. 


Thursday 4th February

On Thursday you are going to complete the planning tasks about Auriol, before writing up your biography on Friday. 

Go to pages 7b, where you will see a table to complete. This refers to the scene where Auriol is caught in the storm. You need to sort the words into  the correct columns to match the headings - one is before the storm, the other is after the storm. The words that you are using are on the second sheet of 7b. 

Friday  5th February

Today you are going to write a biography about Jacqueline Auriol. You will use the ideas that you have been gathering throughout the week. It should contain:

 1.Facts about her life in chronological order, including dates;

2. A formal style of writing;

3. Paragraphs;

4. An account of the flight we watched in the animation;

5. Quotes about her;

6. Anecdotes about her;

Please remember to write neatly and punctuate your sentences accurately.