St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Daily Writing Tasks Week 6 11th May - 15th May

Lost Cities of the Maya revealed


Today you are going to watch a fascinating programme about how technology has discovered the full extent of the Mayan civilisation. It is quite a long programme and you will need to watch it carefully.  You can access it from the link below and then log on to the website - this is very straightforward. An adult will need to add a password and then it is ready to watch. 

You may need to stop and start the programme a few times as you watch it - there is a lot of information!

You need to decide how you would divide the information up and organise it as if you were writing a newspaper report.


Wednesday 13th May - Task Three

Today you are going to focus on the experts who used the LIDAR and discovered the ruins. You will need to include their names and where they work. Tell us about their jobs and how they felt when they made the astonishing discovery. Part of this paragraph should be reported speech e.g. Francisco Estrada-Belli,a Tulane University archaeologist and National Geographic Explorer, explained that Lidar had revolutionised Archaeology. 

This link is useful as it explains some of the key information from the programme, but a bit more slowly!



Tuesday 12th May - Task Two

Focus on the technology of LIDAR. Gather together the information you can find out from the programme and make a list of the different facts. Then draft it into sentences, remembering that it is a newspaper report, so needs to explain factually. Now is not the time for lots of descriptive writing!


Monday 11th May - Task One - today- is to choose the subject areas you are going to include and give them headings e.g. Lidar and how it works   Who were the Maya?   Who were the experts? 

This week we are going to spend some time creating our newspaper reports so this will be a week long activity. By the end of the week, we shall be able to upload our writing onto a template on Purple Mash and publish our reports with photographs so make sure you follow all the steps.