St Philip's Church of England

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In the event of the closure of our class bubble due to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if your child is self-isolating, the work to be completed during this time will be listed below.  Please see the attached timetable as a guide for their home/ school day.  It is our expectation that in the event that a child/ bubble of children is self- isolating that they engage in with and complete hte work set out to the same standard that they would in school.  This is vital to enable their education to continue.


Daily contact will be made either by telephone or 2email via Purple Mash. Please contact the school office if your child needs their log in details.  Some tasks will be set on Purple Mash.  


In the event of a bubble closure or your child is isolating, they will be given a pack to take home.  This will include an exercise book as well as some paper based activities.  These packs will then be returned to school and checked by a member of staff when you child / bubble returns to school.  The children's home learning exercise books will be kept and used again if necessary.


Thank you so very much for your on-going support during these uncertain times.

Reception Home Learning Timetable

Supporting Website Addresses

Morning warm up- Moving is good for your mind and body




Sign up to GoNoodle for FREE!  IT gets children up and moving to fun , engaging content.  Every dance party, yoga session, and mindfulness activity is an opportunity for children to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and be their best



Cosmic Kids Yoga


CKY teach fun and uplifting yoga poses through wonderful active story telling.  CKY thoroughly engages children and helps start children's day in a mindful way.  You can view a range of excelent videos on the Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube page.

Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The next few weeks (and possibly months) will be a particularly difficult time for children and families, schools or class bubbles may close, or we are advised to self-isolate or socially distance ourselves from our friends and family. Our normal structure and routine will be unsequenced. This information pack aims to support parents of children with an ASD or LD during this tricky time and will hopefully make things a little more manageable.