St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 1

Year 1 2020 -2021


Take a look at what we do in our class!

Christian Value



In year 1, our class Christian value is friendship. Throughout year 1, we focus on how to be a good friend and the importance of good friends in our lives. Together we understand that we should listen to our friends, play kindly with them and help them when they need us.



A friend is someone we turn to,
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure,
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives,
with beauty, joy and grace.
And make the world we live in,

a better and happier place.


' the instrument by which God reveals to each the beauties of others .'

- C. S Lewis


'A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be'

- A. A Milne (Winnie The Pooh)



Welcome to Year 1



Class Teacher: Miss Ingham


Class Assistants: Ms Grey


Miss Ingham and Ms Grey would like to welcome you to our Year 1 page and congratulate the children on making such a smooth transition from Reception into Year 1. The children have settled into their class and new routines really well and we are so pleased to see their enthusiasm for learning and their kind and helpful attitudes. 


Year 1 begins the children's journey into Key Stage One, so it's a very important year!  We do lots of creative and hands-on learning throughout the curriculum.


Sharing responsibility and working as a team is also a big focus in Year 1, both in class and across the school. We also work together to become more independent and responsible for our own learning and development as individuals.


Key Information


PE - Our PE day is THURSDAY. Please ensure your child has all ear piercings removed prior to school day. 


Home reading - Should be done every night if possible.  Reading each night with your child makes a massive difference to their progress but also gives them confidence and a love of reading.


Due to COVID-19 all reading books will be sent home on a THURSDAY and must be returned on a MONDAY to allow a time to quarantine the books. 


Please ensure that your child's reading bag, reading book and home school diary are in school every day.


Children may change their detective reading books (oxford reading tree) as often as they wish, as long as an adult has signed to say the book has been completed.


Floppy phonics books are to be changed once a week on a Wednesday. Please remind your child to put their reading diary and book in the basket in the classroom to be changed.


Phonics / spellings  - Weekly phonics sounds and tricky word spellings will be sent home for you to practice. These are based on words they have been introduced to in phonics. Listening to your child read, and helping them to practice their spellings, is crucial to their learning journey. 



Water Bottles - Your child may bring a bottle of water to school to drink throughout the day. We encourage them to drink water frequently.



Remember that if you have any concerns at any time, members of staff are always available at the start or end of the day for a quick word. Please arrange an appointment if a longer chat is needed.


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Ingham and Ms Grey

If you are interested in finding out about more of what we do in year 1, please explore the Year 1 HAST document below.
Knowledge Organisers 2020-2021:

Helping your child at home     Each child has a login provided by their teacher to use on this website.    This is a free website please do not pay to use this site.  There are many different maths games on this site, again they are free.  There are many different english games on this site, again they are free.


We spend lots of time throughout the year looking at seasonal changes. Look at the signs of winter we identified in our environment...

Christmas in year one

Year one have were very busy decorating melted snowman biscuits, watching a christmas film and eating their way through a christmas party. We created our own party hats and enjoyed wearing them all day. A fun time had by all!

Andy Goldsworthy

We have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist who only uses natural resources. We had a go at creating our own artwork work, using things we have collected from outside. 

Autumn school-walk...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Year one 2019-2020

School Pond

We have loved observing the frogspawn in our school pond. We had to keep very still and quiet to try and see if Mr Frog would come and say hello. 

School in the past


School was very different for our granparents and great-grandparents and we have enjoyed learning all about it. We have played some old playground games and even had a visitor to our class to answer all of our questions. It has been great fun. 

Christmas in year 1

It is the most wonderful time of the year...

Visit to St Philip's church

We started our Christmas story topic with a visit to St Philip's church looking for signs of Christmas. We enjoyed listening to the Christmas story in front of the nativity scene. 

Hinduism day


We enjoyed exploring the traditions of the Hinduism festival Diwali. 



We have been talking about the importance of acting with kindness when online. 


Still image for this video

New class


Look at us settling into our new class.