St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School


Thursday 25th February

This half-term, we're moving across to BBC Teach to watch some lively lessons about adaptation - the features animals gain over time in order to survive. There are printable activity sheets that go with this, but don't worry if you can't print them out. They are here for you to look at and also on Purple Mash. Just write the answers neatly in your book.

When you have watched the first lesson and done the activities, you can move onto the follow up programme. It features expert guests answering questions from the studio audience and new topic linked activities building on your learning in the live programme.

This EXTRA programme takes a look at the roles fossils play in helping to understand evolution and answers more questions from our studio and virtual audience.


Finally, this twenty minute BBC film clip shows some amazing adaptations. Try watching the mudskippers at the end of the film without smiling or wanting one as a pet!