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Year 5

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Year 5 Home Learning Tasks


Please find below details of the work to be completed by your child during the time they are at home. When school closed, your child was provided with a pencil and an exercise book in which they are expected to complete the work that has been set. 


Daily maths and English tasks are uploaded on a regular basis (please see below). These do not need to be printed off; the children need to complete this work neatly in their home learning book. 


Our next topic will be Ancient Greece. I would like the children to complete a research project, which they will share on their return to school. There is an information sheet below surrounding the project, including ideas of what they could include. 



The children are required to choose 5 words per day from the curriculum spelling list below, copy a row of each word neatly, look up their definition if they are unsure, and write the words correctly in a sentence. As well as improving their spelling ability, this will also deepen their understanding of how to use the different words in the correct context. Once they have completed the sheet and practised all of the words, there are additional spelling activity sheets below for them to complete to apply and consolidate their knowledge. Please encourage the children to do some form of spelling task on a daily basis, focusing on a few words at a time, as these are the words that they will be expected to know ahead of their SATs next year.



On a daily basis, the children need to complete one of the tasks from the activities listed below, which cover a range of spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading comprehension skills. These activities also need to be written in their home learning book and brought back to school on their return. 



We will now be following the WhiteRose Maths home learning scheme. Please see the link below under 'Maths'. For each lesson, there is a video tutorial that will explain the focus skill just as I do in class on the board. The children are then required to complete the coinciding activity; answers are also available so that you can go through your child's work with them after they have completed it. Just like before, these activities do not need to be printed out; the children just need to write their answers neatly in their home learning exercise books. 

Spelling Task - Ongoing


Hopefully, many of you have completed the spelling sheet now and have been practising the words. Here are some additional activities that you can now complete for daily spelling tasks. Use your spelling knowledge to spot and correct the mistakes. 

Ancient Greece Research Project - Ongoing

Welcome back Year 5, 


I hope that you have all had a restful and enjoyable half term. The weather has been lovely! I know that most of you have been working very hard and I am extremely proud of you for doing so. Please make sure that you keep checking the website for new tasks. Everything that you are being asked to do at home will help prepare you for when we are all back in class.


A special well done to the children who have been completing the work that I have set on PurpleMash; I have enjoyed being able to see the work you have done and reading your comments. I am going to be setting you all some new tasks soon, so please try to log on and complete them if you haven't already done so. Remember, your login details were sent with the letters that I sent you - if you did not receive it, please let the school know as soon as possible and I will get your login to you. 


Thank you to all those children who have taken the time to reply to my letter - it has been fantastic to hear from you. Hopefully, I will see you all soon! 


Keep working hard, being kind and smiling! I miss you all lots!


Miss Ballard :) 



We are continuing to follow the White Rose Maths home learning scheme. Above, is a link to the work that I would like you to start with. Please start Week 6 (w/c 1st June). The tutorial videos are on the website and the activities (to be completed in your home learning book) are below.


This week the focus is fractions - I know that fractions can be tricky and a lot of you struggle with them, so make sure you watch the videos first as this will help you. The worksheets do not need to be printed out; just write the question (just the sum not the writing) and answers neatly and clearly in your home learning book please. Lesson 1 & 2 come together - complete one sheet on Monday and one on Tuesday, as there are a lot of questions to get through. 


The answers are for your parents, or whoever is helping you at home, to check and go through your work with you once you have completed it.




This week, I have set you some activities to do on Purple Mash. Our focus this week is Greek myths and legends. Use the link below to find various myths and legends, including Medusa and Pandora's Box, which the work on PurpleMash involves. Once you have completed a task, please remember to save it so I can see what you have done - I look forward to seeing your work :) 


Please make sure you are continuing to do the spelling task; there are some spelling tasks above to complete if you have finished the sheet. Even if you have completed the sheet, keep practising the words to make sure that you can spell them correctly. 



I have recently added lots of science resources to the main 'Working from Home' page (you will see an option to click on 'Science' underneath the individual class pages). Here, there are various experiments that you can carry out at home, as well as videos and worksheets that you can try. Enjoy :) 


Additional Learning Resources: