St Philip's Church of England

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Year 5

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Year 5 Home Learning Tasks


Please find below details of the work to be completed by your child during the time they are at home. 


Daily maths and English tasks are uploaded on a regular basis (please see below). These need to be completed in their home learning books. 


Our next topic will be Ancient Greece. I would like the children to complete a research project, which they will share on their return to school. There is an information sheet below surrounding the project, including ideas of what they could include. 



The children are required to choose 5 words per day from the curriculum spelling list below, copy a row of each word neatly, look up their definition if they are unsure, and write the words correctly in a sentence. As well as improving their spelling ability, this will also deepen their understanding of how to use the different words in the correct context. Once they have completed the sheet and practised all of the words, there are additional spelling activity sheets below for them to complete to apply and consolidate their knowledge. Please encourage the children to do some form of spelling task on a daily basis, focusing on a few words at a time, as these are the words that they will be expected to know ahead of their SATs next year.



On a daily basis, the children need to complete one of the tasks from the activities listed below, which cover a range of spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading comprehension skills. These activities will now be on Purple Mash - all children have been given their login details. 



We will now be following the WhiteRose Maths home learning scheme. Please see the link below under 'Maths'. For each lesson, there is a video tutorial that will explain the focus skill just as I do in class on the board. The children are then required to complete the coinciding activity; answers are also available so that you can go through your child's work with them after they have completed it. Just like before, these activities do not need to be printed out; the children just need to write their answers neatly in their home learning exercise books. 

Spelling Task - Ongoing


Hopefully, many of you have completed the spelling sheet now and have been practising the words. Here are some additional activities that you can now complete for daily spelling tasks. Use your spelling knowledge to spot and correct the mistakes. 

Ancient Greece Research Project - Ongoing

Hello Year 5,  


I hope you are all okay and working hard at home. Hopefully, next week the rain will stop and the sun will return! 


This week, some of our class have been in school. They have completed lots of work. Our focus over the next few weeks will be to sharpen your maths and English (particularly SPAG) skills so that you are ready for Year 6 in September.


One of the key areas that we all need to focus on is times tables. I want you to work really hard to learn them over the next few weeks (including throughout the summer holidays!); this is so, so important! Having a good knowledge of the times tables will help you so much in Year 6. I have uploaded some times table resources - remember you can also use TT Rockstars and TopMarks Hit the Button (as well as many of the other times table games there are online!). 


Keep working hard and, of course, smiling! 


Miss Ballard :)



This week, we are continuing to focus on securing and improving our arithmetic and times table knowledge ready for Year 6. 


Below you will find a number of arithmetic tests, just like the ones that we used to do weekly in class. You can complete these in your home learning books; there are plenty to keep you busy.  The children in our Year 5 Bubble will be doing this with me in class. There are also lots of maths tasks on Purple Mash, including multiplying by a 2-digit number and division with remainders. 


You can also continue to work through the 'Flashback 4' PowerPoint to practice your basic maths skills. 


This week's English activities have been set on Purple Mash.


Your writing task this week is to write a balanced argument; you have been set three for and against tasks ('Should children wear school uniform?'; 'Should animals be used in the circus?'; and 'Should children use social networking sites?'). First, you need to come up with reasons 'For' and 'Against' (the same amount for each) and then, using one of the topics, I would like you to write a balanced argument to answer your chosen topic question. This can be done in your home learning books. Remember, a balanced argument is exactly that - balanced! You must include an introduction (introducing your chosen topic), a 'for' paragraph, an 'against' paragraph, and finally a conclusion (this is where you can give your opinion, but not before!).


Use the example below to structure your writing; there are also some example of linking words/phrases that you could use to improve the flow of your writing.  


Introduction -

This argument will discuss whether…

This is a popular debate and there are many reasons for and against.


Firstly, many people argue that…

Secondly, …

Also, people say that…

In addition,                                                                                   


On the other hand, lots of people disagree that … and argue that…


In conclusion, there are many reasons for and against…

Having listened to both sides of the debate, I think that… because…


There are also spelling and reading tasks to complete. 



I have recently added lots of science resources to the main 'Working from Home' page (you will see an option to click on 'Science' underneath the individual class pages). Here, there are various experiments that you can carry out at home, as well as videos and worksheets that you can try. Enjoy :) 


Additional Learning Resources: