St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School




Literacy includes the learning sounds to letters and their links that enable children to begin reading and writing. Phonic sessions are taught daily and the new graphemes that are taught will be sent home for parents and children to rehearse. Reading books will also be given out each week along with the appropriate key words.


Each week your child will receive a Phonic book that is based on the sounds taught that week along with reading level book and a third book to read for pleasure . Please refer to your helpful literacy pack for ideas and support. 



Reading should be an active and exciting experience for children, both at home and in school. To enhance home school reading, each week a child will be picked to take home a wonderful story sack to use with the whole family. These sacks contain a number of colourfully visual resources such as puppets, backgrounds and games. We ask that you use this with your child/ family and take photographs as you enjoy the resources. Then your child can draw their favourite part of the story and even write about it!