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The snails are back!

Sefton Snail Trail
Monday 9th November - Wed 2nd December

Get outside, find snails and win prizes!
Happening all across Sefton in outdoor spaces - including stretches of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, SAFE Regeneration in Bootle, St Luke's Community Gardens in Crosby and Crosby village and Bootle Strand shop windows.

Step 1 get a map from or from Snail trail A frames in Bootle Strand or McCormacks in Crosby Village.
Step 2 Use the map to find the snails - every snail has a letter you need to write down!
Step 3 make all of these letters you collected into a secret phrase and send it to us using
Step 4 Win Prizes! When you send in a secret phrase, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. If you complete every trail, you’ll be guaranteed a prize!

Brought to you by In Another Place
Working with our friends at Safe Regeneration, Canal and River Trust, Rimrose Valley Friends, and St Luke’s Community Gardens

Uniforms - Crosby Housing Association charity shop



Good morning 


I am the temporary shop manager for  Crosby Housing Association charity shop in Waterloo. Last year the shop did a school uniform scheme, which provided school uniforms for free, to parents of children who needed them. As this was so successful last year, we have decided to do it again this year, but we need help.


Please find the link to our Facebook post about the scheme below


Donations of school uniform of any size, age or colour would be appreciated. The uniforms will be available in our shop, throughout August to anyone who needs them. Also we are hoping to shut the shop for the afternoon on the 14th of August, so we can hang out all the uniforms, and allow people to come in and find what they need. We will be providing time slots to allow for social distancing measures, to eliminate people having to wait or queue, and so our volunteers can provide assistance.


Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on 0151 665 0230


Kind regards


Olivia Watts



Our website link for your school is:



Shop address is:

Paul Place Schoolwear

272 Stanley Road



L20 3ER

Tel: 0151 922 2472

The Sefton saga story writing

Children's cooking academy

February Half Term club

Borough of Culture launch constellations event at Crosby Coastal Park





Every autumn, the Department for Education (DfE) publishes data on how much money each school is receiving that year.

Then I use these numbers to work out the latest impact of funding cuts to your school.

But this year is different: the DfE is withholding these vital figures on school funding.


Please help me tell Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, to release this data now.


For the past 5 years, the DfE has always published this data before the autumn budget.

But that day has come and gone.

While the Government still claims it’s putting more money into schools than ever before, you and I know this isn’t true.

Even the UK Statistics Authority has raised “serious concerns” with the DfE about its misleading use of school funding statistics.

Now more than ever we need the real data so we can show you what’s really happening to schools.


We expect every Government to adhere to basic rules and be transparent about how they are running our schools and services.

The public deserves to know the truth.

Thank you for your help,

Andrew Baisley

School Cuts Campaigner

North Liverpool and South Sefton Uniform Xchange


We would like to introduce you to NLSS Uniform Xchange which is a new organisation being set up in the North Liverpool South Sefton area to provide good quality second hand uniforms without charge for children whose families are struggling to provide these items. All items supplied will be donated and will come freshly washed and ironed.

We intend to launch this organisation on 1st March 2018 our website and social media will be launched a week before, we would like to advise people of our need for donations of good quality uniforms and also to let them know about the service we offer. 

Our website can be found, we can also be found on twitter and facebook.