St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Year 4

                                         Year 4 Home Learning Tasks


In the event of the closure of our class bubble due to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if your child is self-isolating, the work to be completed during this time will be listed below.  

They will also be given a pack to take home; this will include exercise books to complete maths and writing based tasks as well as some paper based activities.   These packs will then be returned to school and checked by a member of staff when your child/ bubble returns to school. It is important that the work is completed neatly and to the high standard that we would expect from the children in school. The children's home learning exercise books will be kept and used again if necessary. 

Activities and tasks will be shared on the Purple Mash learning platform via 2e-mail each school day. Your child will need to respond to the daily email between 8:45a.m. and 10 a.m. the same day. This will effectively serve as a ‘register’ allowing us to both communicate the expectations for learning and to maintain a daily contact, opening lines for support/encouragement/engagement. 

A copy of the login details for Purple Mash has been attached to the front of their home school reading record book (along with their login details for Times Tables Rock Stars.

If an email is not replied to by the agreed time, a member of staff will attempt to make contact in an alternative way. It is important that you keep us informed of any circumstances which may prevent your child from engaging with and completing the set schoolwork.


Thank-you for your on-going support during these uncertain times.

Suggested Home School Timetable




Follow the link below to give you some fantastic work outs as part of our home learning timetable



We will be following the maths lessons from Oak National Academy. Please see the link below. For each lesson, there is a video tutorial that will explain the focus skill just as I do in class on the board. In certain parts of the video, the teacher will ask you to pause the recording and complete  task. Any related tasks and activities do not have to be printed out, instead they can be copied neatly and completed in their home learning exercise book.

Thursday 25th March

Wednesday 24th March

Tuesday 23rd March

Monday 22nd March



Maths Quiz




English Quiz




Please encourage your child to read for 15 minutes a day.  Free books can be accessed using the link below.

Also, see Purple Mash for regular additions to the serial readers






Wednesday 3rd March Research Holy Week 



Tuesday 23rd March

Guided draw of William Shakespeare

A few ideas for you to try ....

Maths puzzles and problems

A variety of non-screen activities

Some useful science activities for you to exlpore.