St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Ethos Group

Our Ethos Group collect the prayers left in the prayer space and bring them to Rev Andrew's house. He brings our prayers to the service on Sunday. Our prayers join with the prayers of our parish.

Our first prayer space in school this year.

Meet our new Ethos Group 2023

These children are our new Ethos Group and they are eager to make a difference in our school. They are already thinking of what our focus will be this year. 

SMILE challenge with St Oswald's CE Primary School.

Our Ethos Group worked with St Oswald's and Bishop David Sheppard's Ethos Groups on the SMILE challenge. They thought about the skills they had and how they could use them to help our community. We had a visit from Dr Peter Hawkins, the founder of the Windmill Foundation. He spoke to the groups about how they can make a difference and why this is so very important. It matters because when we work for the good of others, it also has a positive outcome on us.  The groups decided to have a penalty shoot out in each of the schools. To take part, children had to bring an item of food for the food bank. We used the money we got from the SMILE challenge to purchase prizes for the winners of the shoot out. We collected so much food to donate to the Liverpool and Everton foodbank.  Well done to the three Ethos Groups for all their hard work. 

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Worship Warriors 2022 23

Our Worship Warriors went to Liverpool Cathedral with the Ethos Groups from both Bishop David Sheppard and St Oswald's where they spent the day having a collec worship and then accessing some lovely activities including making stained glass windows. What a special day that was!