St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Our Vision and Christian Values

At St Philip’s CofE Primary School, we aim to provide a stimulating, positive environment which fosters attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility and where,

What God has created, we nurture and celebrate in His love.


The Vision


Our Church school is an enjoyable, inspiring, stimulating and happy centre of learning. It provides a safe, respectful and comfortable environment where people care for others and for their shared environment. All members of our school community have high expectations of themselves and each other. We see ultimate worth of each person as being grounded in being created in the image of God. Hence, the essential importance of fellow human beings, and the whole created world of which we are apart, is integral to our aspiration of excellence at St Philip’s Church School.


Inclusion is a priority and Christian values are promoted within a celebration of our diverse society. We feel Christ as the heartbeat of this school church family, the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes, the model for its entire staff and the inspiration for its pupils. As a Church school, Gospel values underpin all we do. We strive to instil in our children, a realisation of their own sense of spirituality and an understanding of the need for a moral dimension to life, whilst minimising the impact of the materialistic world in which we live, upon their lives.


Inclusion is a priority and Christian values are promoted within a celebration of our diverse society and a sincere commitment to being a School of Sanctuary. Our school days give children the time and the space to build a deeper relationship with God and to build those life enhancing encounters with His goodness. Christian Values do not simply skim the surface but are deeply embedded within the ethos of our school and send out ripples to the wider community.


There are supportive and positive relationships between staff, parents and children. Lifelong learning is encouraged and valued. All members of our school community display respect, sensitivity and empathy towards others and celebrate each other’s successes.


We believe that every child is made in the image of God and should achieve their full potential, discovering ‘The winner within’. We are committed to ensuring we develop the whole child in all aspects of school life in line with to the Church of England’s vision July 2016 of “life in all its fullness”.


The work of our school is achieved through trust, cooperative team work and positive attitudes working within a Christian environment in which all strive to live out our mission statement nurturing and celebrating all, in God’s love.


Statement of Aims


  • To provide high quality teaching
  • To allow all children to develop as unique individuals
  • To support the spiritual, moral and social flourishing of all
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all
  • To provide a rich and relevant curriculum
  • To develop positive attitudes to learning
  • To create an attractive and stimulating environment
  • To develop the school’s place in the community
  • To communicate effectively
  • To foster and celebrate strong relationships
  • To support respect for diversity