St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School


Unit: The Windrush - Diary Writing

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking unit on a significant part of British history which will provide further material  relating to our study of the Slave Trade. 

There are twenty-five lessons in this unit, which you can work you way through, starting with Lesson One, which you can now find in the Lockdown Learning -Previous Weeks section. 


Monday 25th January and Tuesday 26th January

We have almost reached the end of the Windrush unit. If you haven't yet written up your final draft of your letter, then please do so today. If you have done that, then watch the lesson for today which gives a fascinating insight into society in Britain in the early 1950's. Then follow the instructions for the task on Purple Mash.


Wednesday 27th January

Use this interesting picture and the opening text to create a short story of your own. Explore the ideas first of all by answering the questions, then write a continuation of the story but in no more than 100 words.