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Sporting Events at St Philip's

A very big well done to our wonderful Fencing Team who attended our first Fencing Competition in a school on the Wirral. We came 7th out of 15 schools, many of whom had been part of the competition for many years, so we were very proud of them.

Mr Pritchard said that their behaviour was absolutely wonderful and he felt this should be passed on to parents. Well done Fencing Team. Fencing will commence during the autumn term once again and we look forward to the competition next year after a further year of practise. 

Commonwealth Games Passing the Batton

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Schools across south Sefton shared in a celebration of the Commonwealth Games as they carried the flags and a batton between schools. Each school greated the school as they arrived with clapping, cheering, singing and great celebration before they then took the baton to the next school.
What a wonderful day we had - schools together celebrating this international sporting event.
Many thanks to Ali Watts who arranged for this to take place. St Philip's were proud to be a part of this cultural and sporting event.

Passing The Commonwealth Games Baton between schools in South Sefton