St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

War in Ukraine

As a church school, at our very heart lies the belief that we are a global community. We live that belief through our principles as a School of Sanctuary; we explore and promote those principles through our curriculum and actions. 

There is a saying that " To sing is to pray twice." We would like to share with you our singing of Universal Child, the song that symbolises our compassion, empathy and sense of responsibility towards all those who endure hardship in the world. We dedicate this performance to the children of Ukraine, but we look at this conflict with a sense of sorrow and solidarity for everyone caught up in it. We pray, mindful of the sorry confusion of the world; we ask for peace.


Universal Child by Annie Lennox




Information for Children


Here are some links to websites and children's newspaper. They explain the situation very clearly at an appropriate level.


Is your child upset by the News?


It is hard to escape the news right now with the constant rolling news coverage and social media. Newsround has a helpful webpage that provides positive strategies and advice for you child if they are feeling anxious.


There’s been a lot of news about Russia invading Ukraine, and how other countries might respond. It’s natural to be worried or upset when we see things in the news, but Childline is here to provide support.

How to talk to your Child about War and Conflict

When conflict or war makes the headlines, it can cause feelings such as fear, sadness, anger and anxiety wherever you live. Children always look to their parents for a sense of safety and security – even more so in times of crisis.

Here are some tips on how to approach the conversation with your child and to provide them with support and comfort.