St Philip's Church of England

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Year 6

Go Noodle!

Follow the links below to give you some fantastic work outs as part of our home learning timetable.


Maths Fluency

Maths Fluency - Week One

Maths Fluency - Week Two


Follow the link to read two different stories on Purple Mash's Serial Mash. You have copies of the questions and other activities relating to them in your home pack. 

There are currently two different stories set. There are seven chapters in each and  activities that link to each chapter. 




Unit: The Windrush - Diary Writing

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking unit on a significant part of British history which will provide further material  relating to our study of the Slave Trade. 

There are twenty-five lessons in this unit, which you can work you way through, starting with Lesson One, which you can find at this link.


Purple Mash emails


When you are on the Home page, go to Computing, then go to 2e-mail. 

You should then be able to see a smaller version of the same icon in a row of four. Click on that and it will take you to the emails and your inbox. Hopefully you should then be able to see my emails.                                                    

Online Safety at Home