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Year 6 Home Learning Tasks

Your child should be working in the exercise books provided by school at the start of this lockdown, for all paper-based activities. 

Your child should then bring the pack back to school when we return so it can be checked by a member of staff. It is important that the work is completed neatly and to the high standard that we would expect from the children in school. The children's home learning exercise books will be kept and used again if necessary. 

Activities and tasks will be shared on the Purple Mash learning platform via 2e-mail each school day. Your child will need to respond to the daily email between 8:45a.m. and 10 a.m. the same day. This will effectively serve as a ‘register’ allowing us to both communicate the expectations for learning and to maintain a daily contact, opening lines for support/encouragement/engagement. 

If an email is not replied to by the agreed time, a member of staff will attempt to make contact in an alternative way. It is important that you keep us informed of any circumstances which may prevent your child from engaging with and completing the set schoolwork.

Thank you for your on-going support during these uncertain times.

Purple Mash


Home learning timetable

KS2 Home Learning Timetable.docx

Maths Fluency

Week beginning 1st March

Here's something a bit different! This week I would like you to follow the links to each day's work. There is a Youtube explanation of each question as well as some practice of quick calculations. Week 10

Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers







We will mostly be following the maths lessons from Oak National Academy. The direct link to the lesson will be given in the morning email. For each lesson, there is a video tutorial that will explain the focus skill just as I do in class on the board. Any related tasks and activities do not have to be printed out, instead they can be copied neatly and completed in the home learning exercise books.

For the next two weeks, we shall be revisiting multiplication and division. 


Monday 1st March

Lesson One


Tuesday 23rd February

Lesson Two



Wednesday 24th February

Lesson Three


Thursday 25th February

Lesson Four


Friday 26th February

Lesson Five




We left Hatty and Tom at a very dramatic moment. Read on this week to find out what happens next. 

Monday 22nd February

Tuesday 23rd February



Stephen Hawking Book Art Project


Monday 22nd February

What is a relative pronoun? What is a relative clause? Watch Max and Harvey take you through it.

Relative Clauses


Tuesday 23rd February

Relative Clauses


Wednesday 24th February

Bullet Points - these will be useful for you to use to record some facts in your Stephen Hawking book.

How to use bullet points in your writing.


Thursday 25th February

Parenthesis - a reminder about how to fit additional information into a sentence - use some in your books!


Friday 26th February

Use the SPAG slot today to finish working on your Stephen Hawking book. Remember that your presentation should be absolutely first class! Try to include the punctuation and grammar that we have looked at this week.



Monday 22nd February

First of all, watch this great parody of Dragon's Den and learn about some famous Maya inventions.

Before you can read the calendar, you need to be able to read numbers so here are some opportunities to have a practice. Complete the sheets, using the poster for help.


Tuesday 23rd February

Today you are going to draw a finished version of Stephen Hawking, at whatever size you need to fit in your project book. When you have completed it, remember to present it neatly by perhaps drawing a border round it, or adding some colour. You will also need to add a title, making sure that you underline it with a ruler. 

Here is the link again.


Tuesday 1st March

Here is the activity for this week - it's all about packaging. 

Picture News


Wednesday 24th February

We are going to start thinking about Creation today - but from the Scientific point of view as well as the Christian point of view. 

To get us started, you might recognise this very short song to a very long-running series. Watch it a few times and each time you do, pause it to look at the dates on the time line at the bottom of the screen. (You will need to do this as it goes very fast!) Try to imagine how long ago that was.

Then watch these two very interesting and informative film clips about The Big Bang.

Finally, look at this time line of The Big Bang. You will notice how quickly things changed in almost an instant by looking at the measurements in less than seconds. Spend some time absorbing the information and then create your own timeline to include the details in this diagram. 

This is very interesting additional reading and sums up what we have learnt about today. 


Thursday 25th February

This half-term, we're moving across to BBC Teach to watch some lively lessons about adaptation - the features animals gain over time in order to survive. There are printable activity sheets that go with this, but don't worry if you can't print them out. They are here for you to look at and also on Purple Mash. Just write the answers neatly in your book.

When you have watched the first lesson and done the activities, you can move onto the follow up programme. It features expert guests answering questions from the studio audience and new topic linked activities building on your learning in the live programme.

This EXTRA programme takes a look at the roles fossils play in helping to understand evolution and answers more questions from our studio and virtual audience.


Finally, this twenty minute BBC film clip shows some amazing adaptations. Try watching the mudskippers at the end of the film without smiling or wanting one as a pet!

Did you enjoy the start of Holes? If so, here is the whole book.

Purple Mash emails


When you are on the Home page, go to Computing, then go to 2e-mail. 

You should then be able to see a smaller version of the same icon in a row of four. Click on that and it will take you to the emails and your inbox. Hopefully you should then be able to see my emails.                                                    

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