St Philip's Church of England

Controlled Primary School

Football Match Report: Thomas Gray 4-1 St. Philip's

On bonfire night the rain poured and the wind howled, that was when these fierce rivals competed for supremacy. An unstoppable shot smacked into the back of the net, the helpless St Philip’s goalkeeper might as well have thought the ball had teleported from the boot to the goal.

Bang, bottom corner of the goal with a shot from close to the halfway line. 2:0. It was then an epic race for survival. Lewis Cooney jumped up from a corner and beautifully headed the ball into the net.2:1. That brought us hope.

Then there were chances wasted, champions revealed. Penalty, and the ball was whipped into the back of the net 3:1. To add to our misery another goal was scored, it rolled along the squelchy floor.

We went home dripping wet, exhausted, muddy every one of us felt like an icicle.

By Joel Thornton